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Optic Nervous (Demo 0.5)

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DEMO 0.5
01:10am Friday

A small collection of notes, drawings and paintings made over the last few months on the completion of my degree. As I compiled I noted a struggle in my curation as I lost the distinction between bodies of work (worked), and off hand thoughts.

Lines were lost and thrown between the intention of visual, considered work and stumbling, nonsense one-liners- regardless of their power, form or purpose. I left, rock in tooth, with an apprehension to include any more than these sparse margins. A constant obscuration, introspection retrospection (slow down) that needed a firm, heavy line drawn underneath. It’s a serious minute in an otherwise silly pool. (Do not be concerned by all this "thought”, but don’t assume this is all of it).

This is not poetry, or considered, or anything more than a scramble of papers from the floor.

I’m optic nervous!
(And never serious)"


A5, b+w, stapled, 24 pages (including covers), random coloured paper front cover. Due to the nature of laser printing, some covers are marked differently. Consider it "lo-fi"


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